Welcome to Recharge for Resiliency

Recharge for Resiliency (R4R) is an Air Force wide program for Force Support Squadron morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) activities. R4R seeks to serve single or unaccompanied airmen, airmen preparing for deployments, and those families affected by deployment.

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Single Airmen Program

Mondays during operational hours

On Mondays during operational hours, airmen on unaccompanied orders can come in and get three games and shoes for free.

Whale Watching trip 28 March for Single Airmen

Saturday 28 March


AD $50, CH (4-12) $35, SAP $18

Must book in office

Join us on the East China Sea to watch the miraculous humpback whales as they winter and birth in the warm waters off the coast of Okinawa.  If fortunate you may see cows and calves breaching, blowing and flashing their way through the waters. Bring cameras, binoculars, snacks, sunscreen and hats (raingear pending weather conditions).

Middle of it All • Kadena ITT

Experience Central Okinawa by visiting Zakimi Castle ruins which was built by the legendary warrior, Gosamaru, in the 15th century. Then see the famous Nakamura House, a traditional Okinawan style house designated as a cultural asset by the Japanese government before enjoying the peaceful trip over Kaichu-doro, The Road through the Sea, to learn the history of Hamahiga, Miyagi and Ikei Islands. We will also stop at the Nuchi Una where we will see the processing plant for Nuchi Masu which means “Life Salt”.  Nuchi Masu is an award winning nutrient rich salt used for numerous applications

Mini Mini Zoo • Kadena ITT

Get out of the house and take a short morning trip with the little ones and visit the Mini Mini Zoo in Uruma City where over 40 different animals reside.  Check out Squirrels Monkeys, Ostriches, Wallabies, Armadillos and many, many more!  We will also visit the on-site bakery where they utilize their very own fresh eggs to produce very delicious Uruma City famous pastries.

Pottery Class • Arts and Crafts

Get creative and make something new out of clay! Sculptures, bowls, cups, and more, the possibilities are endless. We promise it won’t be a bust!

Origami • Arts and Crafts

Origami is the art of paper folding with the goal of transforming a square piece of paper into a finished sculpture without scissors, glue, or markings. Sound interesting? Give it a shot!

Kokeshi Doll Class • Arts and Crafts

Kokeshi Dolls were originally created as souvenirs to remind their owners of a loved one or special memory. So why not design and paint your own Kokeshi as a reminder of your time here on Okinawa. They make great gifts, too!

3D Fabric Kimono • Arts and Crafts

are beautiful to wear, but they also make fabulous colorful decorations! In this crafty class, create your own miniature kimono to display.

PADI Dive Certification Courses Discount • Kadena Marina

Receive discount on any PADI course. See Kadena Marina for details.

Open Water Coastal Kayaking Course • Outdoor Recreation

Instructed by a certified American Canoe Association instructor. We will use decked kayaks (sit-in) with spray skirts and everyone will get wet. Course includes on-shore presentations, launching and landing, wet-exit practice, kayak orientation, basic strokes and skills, deep water rescues, and I short skills development tour.

Kayak Fishing • Outdoor Recreation

Learn the basics skills of kayaking with our on shore presentations and equipment orientation prior to paddling out to our fishing spot for the day. The guides for the day will be one kayak instructor and one fishing expert familiar with local trends and techniques. We will also track local fishing reports to try to hit areas that are catching! All required equipment is provided by ODR.

Intro to Flight • Aero Club

This is a great introduction for people who are curious about learning to fly. Take to the skies with a Certified Flight Instructor who will cover the basics of flight training with you! You will log one hour of flight on this adventure that can be applied toward obtaining your Private Pilot’s License.

Flight • Aero Club

Fly with one of our experienced pilots and be introduced to the wonders of Okinawa. Grab your camera and snap a photo of your house as you soar by! Two person minimum required.

Open Water Dive Certification • Kadena Marina

Learn basic skills and get certified to dive up to 60 ft. Students need to provide snorkeling gear, booties, and wetsuit. Equipment rental not included.