Welcome to the Kadena Library

Our top of the line facility is the place to go for anything book related on Kadena. Find out more about our services by clicking the links below!

 More about Kadena Library

Go on a reading adventure, learn a new skill with one of our online resources, or use on of the unique items in our Things collection, or stop in for one of our recurring programs or one-off special events!

Kadena library has a large selection of fiction and nonfiction for all ages and  the space to sit and enjoy reading! Whether it’s novel, a how-to book, a magazine or newspaper, a movie, or an online resource, we strive to have something for everyone.

In Person Services Include:

• Free Wi-Fi

• A computer lab with 30 single-sided pages of free printing per day

• Programs and special events for pre-readers, children, teens, and adults

•DVD checkouts with no rental fee or late fees

•Free 3D printing services

•Use of Makerspace equipment in our iStation • Free checkout of items from our “Things” collection such as boardgames, novelty cake pans, ukuleles, and tarot card decks

• Free delivery of inter-library loan materials

Remote access to online resources such as:

• Free ebooks and audio books

• Free digital comic books

• Free movies and music

• Learning and research databases such as EBSCO and GALE

Account Information

A single account is created for each family and will be created under the sponsor’s name. The sponsor’s work email must be provided in order to create an account. Library accounts with the items that are 30 days overdue are places in a “blocked” status and the sponsor’s chain of command is contacted.