Welcome to Kadena Arts and Crafts Center

We have everything you need to complete your arts and crafts projects including vinyl, fabric, fine art, basic craft, and kids art supplies. We also have various shops to explore hobbies in woodworking, ceramics, and framing. The Center also has a Graphics Shop for all of your personalization needs while here in Okinawa.

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Balloon Corner

Hours of Operation
Daily • 10 am – 6 pm

DSN • 966-7347
Mobile • (036) 868-22

Add the perfect touch to your birthday parties, going away celebrations or squadron functions with specialty balloons!

We offer:

  • A fully-stocked specialty shop featuring a wide variety of latex balloons, foil mylars, and more!
  • Balloon bouquets for any special occasion

Balloon prices: 18″ Mylar ($4.55/balloon), 11″ Latex ($1.50/balloon), Supershape ($15.25/balloon)

Helium only: Mylar ($1.65/balloon), Latex ($1.25/balloon), Supershape ($7.25/balloon)


    • Helium only lasts 6 hours in regular latex balloons. It will last about a week in all other balloons.
    • We can fill ‘outside’ balloons (those not purchased from the Balloon Corner). However, we cannot guarantee the quality of balloon material (i.e. latex).

Hours of Operation
Daily • 10 am – 6 pm
DSN • 966-7347
Mobile • (036) 868-2216

Kadena’s American arts and crafts retail store. We have vinyl, fabric, fine art, basic craft, and kid’s art supplies.

Come check out our DIY Room! We have sewing machines, Cricut Makers, Cricut Easy Presses, and a lamination machine available for use!

Recreational classes available for artists of all ages and skill levels. Classes are offered in various art and craft forms including local Okinawan craft classes. To see upcoming classes, click our calendar or visit us and grab our monthly class schedule from our front counter on the first of every month! All classes require registration. Pre-registration ends 48 hours prior to class start time.

Classes include:

  • Ceramics
  • Framing
  • Kokeshi Doll Painting
  • Art Camp
  • Photography
  • Wood Sign Design
  • Wreath Making
  • Itty Bitty Creativtity
  • Sewing
  • Woodworking
  • Origami
  • Paint parties

Craft Instructors Needed!
Kadena Arts & Crafts is looking for instructors for youth craft classes, and any other areas of interest! For more information on how you can become an instructor, please stop by our facility or contact the Program Coordinator at 966-7348.

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday • 10 am – 6 pm
DSN • 966-7352
Mobile • (036) 868-2217

From custom plaques and awards, to mugs and passport covers, see us for all of your personalized gift-giving needs!

Our speciality shop offers:

  • Custom laser work, computerized engraving and state-of-the-art sublimation
  • Personalized gifts include Polar mugs, pet tags, wallets and a whole lot more!

Hours of Operation
Monday – Tuesday • Closed
Wednesday – Thursday • Noon – 8 pm
Friday – Sunday • 10 am – 6 pm
DSN • 966-7351
Mobile • (036) 868-2220

Get your hands dirty with fun, hands-on ceramics and pottery classes (now online—visit our Facebook page).  Our spacious pottery and ceramics studios have pottery wheels available for DIY use, and offer clay for purchase. With a large selection of glazes, molds and tools, we have everything you need!

We also offer plenty of ready-to-paint bisque to take home for a virtual class or fun with the family. For more class availability and info, check out our Facebook page.

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday • 10 am – 6 pm
DSN • 966-7353
Mobile • (036) 868-2218

Whatever your framing needs, we can help! From family photos to uniquely sized paintings, we provide custom matting and frames that are sure to make your art and photos look beautiful.

We offer:

  • Custom framing and matting
  •  Vast selection of frames and mats that add the perfect touch to your art project
  • Ready-made frames for sale
  • Helpful staff available to guide you through your framing project
  • Custom Shadow boxes
  • For more classes and class availability please click on the calendar icon above or stop into Arts & Crafts to view our samples

Hours of Operation
Monday • Closed
Tuesday & Thursday • Noon – 8 pm
Wednesday • Noon – 5 pm
Friday – Sunday • 10 am – 6 pm

DSN • 966-7349
Mobile • (036) 868-2219

Wooden Solutions is a full-service wood shop with state-of-the-art equipment and an atmosphere that allows you to work at your own pace with enough room for large projects.

Our knowledgeable staff offers free equipment orientations.

Custom Woodworking 
We also offer customer woodworking services! Our skilled team of craftsmen can customize a variety of woodworking projects for you including:

  • Farewell gifts
  • Shadow boxes
  • Corn Hole boards
  • Customized furniture pieces
  • Cabinetry
  • Tables
  • Ready-made wood projects for sale

Completion of the Safety & Equipment Orientation class is required to utilize the Wood Shop. Wood Shop Safety Orientation is a FREE class that takes place every Saturday at 9 AM and is offered on a first come first served basis.


Virtual Safety Course –Prior to using the Wood Shop DIY area in the Kadena Arts & Crafts Center, you’ll need to watch this video. Once done, come into the Wood Shop (during open hours) and ask our staff to take the safety course test. After you successfully past that test, you will be “certified” and given a safety course completion card to carry on your person.

Basic and Intermediate Wood Shop Classes

    • See the calendar for dates and times. Private instruction is available upon request

The Karing Kennels Adoption Facility is now offering a volunteer program. Space is limited and we can only accept a maximum of two volunteers per day. To determine if the volunteer program is for you, please review the agreement form that is linked below. If you decide to volunteer with Karing Kennels, please fill out the paperwork and bring it to the Karing Kennels Boarding Facility located inside Kadena Gate 3. Please coordinate with Karing Kennels in advance to reserve the date and time you would like to volunteer.

Volunteer hours: 
Mondays & Tuesdays • 9 am – 12:45 pm or 3 pm – 6 pm
Thursdays – Sundays • 7 am – 10:45 am or 1 pm – 4 pm

Volunteer Agreement | Volunteer Dress Code | Volunteer Hours Log