Welcome to Chili’s

Providing you with a taste of home, Kadena Chili’s is the first stand-alone Chili’s Restaurant in the Air Force. With a strong commitment to authentic Chili’s taste, presentation, and quality, customers are guaranteed to receive the same Chili’s experience here, just as they would in their hometown.

The best Chili’s I’ve ever eaten at. The service is fast and the food was great. If only the rest of the chili’s were this good.

Joshua Smith

Great place for family dinner. Good food, service is great. The Long Island iced tea was fantastic.

Dakoda Volk

Service was fast, servers were polite and helpful. Food was delicious!

Tia Garrigues

Great American treasure away from home. Great staff, good food!


Great spot for dinner and drinks with friends or family!

Brad Johnson