Chibana Golf Course

 Located just outside of Kadena Air Base gate three situated in the relaxing country atmosphere of Okinawa is Chibana Golf Course;  a challenging and well-kept par 3 course.

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Hours of Operation
Summer Hours (April – October)
Monday – Sunday • 6 am – Dusk

Winter Hours (November – March)
Monday – Sunday • 6:30 am – Dusk
*Closed every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month until 11 am for maintenance.

Twilight Hours Begin
April – September • 5 pm
October – March • 4 pm

Driving Range
Monday, Wednesday – Friday  • 6 am – Dusk
Tuesday • 9 am – Dusk

Pro Shop
Summer Hours (April – October) • 6 am – 6 pm
Winter Hours (November – March) • 6:30 am – 5:30 pm

Monday – Friday • 7 am – 8 am
Saturday-Sunday • 6:30 am – 8 pm
*Flea Market Weekends (every 1st and 3rd weekend of the month) 5:30 am – 8 pm

Slot Room
Monday, Wednesday – Sunday • 7 am – 9 pm
Tuesday • 9 am – 9 pm

Daily Juniors’ Special 
All Juniors’ ages 6 – 14 play FREE when accompanied by a parent.

Double-Cut Mondays  
50% OFF on Mondays at Kadena Golf Complex!

Wingman Golf Thursdays
Bring your wingman out to golf for FREE 
This applies to green fees only. Active duty from all services is welcome.

Daily Green Fees
9-holes | 18-holes
Juniors • $3 | $5 (Free with adult)
E1 – E4 • $5 | $8
E5 & Up • $8 | $12
Guest •  $13 | 19

April – Aug • 5 pm | September – March • 4 pm
Juniors • $1.50
E1 – E4 • $2.50
E5 & Up • $4
Guest • $10

Driving Range
$2 • 30 balls

Rental Fees
$2 • Pull Cart (per round)
$5 • Club Rental (per round)


Procedures for Thunderstorm and Lightning Conditions
Signs indicating each status condition will be posted at the Pro Shop, the Starter Building, 1st tee, 10th tee, and on all Courtesy Patrol vehicles. It is at the discretion of the Director of Golf, the Assistant Manager, and/or Golf Course Superintendent to close the course because of heavy rains, even if thunderstorms or lightning are not a threat.

Thunderstorm/lightning threats are passed via telephone to the golf course from Risner Gym. When golf course staff identifies a dangerous situation and/or a direct telephone communication is made with the Weather Flight office at 634-3140, the Pro Shop and Courtesy Patrol will notify all golfers on the course and customers using other Kadena Golf Complex facilities and will take the appropriate action as follows:

Lightning Watch
When lightning is within 10 miles the status is a WATCH. All golfers on the course and practice facility customers are informed of the condition and that there is a danger at hand and that they are playing at their own risk.

Lighting Warning 
When lightning is within 5 miles the status is a WARNING. All golfers on the course and practice facility customers are informed of the condition and that there is a serious danger at hand and that they must discontinue play and seek shelter immediately.

The 1st and 10th tee, driving range, and all practice facilities are closed.

Green fees will not be sold when a 5-mile warning is in effect.

When the Risner and/or Weather Flight officials announce that the condition of danger has reduced, the Pro Shop and Courtesy Patrol will notify customers of the change in condition and
the appropriate actions to be taken.

Procedures for Tropical Cyclone Conditions of Readiness (TCCOR or TC):

TC – 3
The golf course will stay open unless it is determined unplayable. Progress of the storm will be monitored and general clean-up will begin.

TC – 2
Same steps as TC-3. Director of Golf will call Command Post when all requirements for TC-2 have been met.

TC – 1
Depending upon the severity of the weather, the golf course may close at this time for the safety of its patrons. Otherwise, the progress of the storm will be monitored.

TC – 1C
Closure of the golf course is mandatory within 2 hours of TC-1C being announced. The Director of Golf notifies the Command Post when the course is secured.

The golf course remains closed through TC – 1E (Emergency) & TC – 1R (Recovery).

TC – SW (Storm Watch)
The Director of Golf and the Superintendent survey the course and report any damages to the Flight Chief. The Pro Shop will reopen. Depending upon the severity of the storm and damage done to the golf course, the course may remain closed for several days.

If you’re looking to host a tournament, we’re here to help! Both golf courses are full-service facilities, and our pavilion areas are available to all tournaments conducted on our grounds.

We are also able to provide food service for your event. Requests for pavilion use and food service must be made at least one week in advance. All menu selections and quantities needed must be selected at this time.

The tournament POC is responsible for choosing the tournament format other aspects associated with the tournament.

It is our desire to assist you in any way to make your event as successful as possible. Here is some information to assist you in conducting a golf tournament.

Chosen by the host organization. If you’re wondering which style you should choose for your tournament, our staff can help!

The most popular format for morale enhancement or fundraising tournaments is a scramble. In a scramble format, each player on a team (2 to 4 players) hits a shot from the teeing ground. The best shot of the group is chosen and each player then hits from that spot (within one club length from the hole). The process is followed until the ball is holed and one score is recorded for the team.

In four-ball format, teams are comprised of two people. Each player plays his own ball through the hole and the best score of the two is recorded for the team.

Stroke play
Individual stroke play pits each player against every other player.

Incentive possibilities for additional fundraising 
• Closest to the pin awards on par threes
• Longest drive competitions
• Selling of mulligans. (Provide players a “do over” on the shot of their choice.)

Scheduling a Tournament
Print out the Tournament Letter of Requirements and Request form: TournamentPackage.pdf

Fill out the Tournament Request Form and bring it to the golf course where our tournament
coordinator will meet with you to review dates available and then schedule your tournament.

The golf courses offer tournament packages, which include food, drinks and the use of the complex
pavilion. If catering is required, a minimum of seven days notice is required.

A copy of the tournament player list must be finalized and received by the golf course a minimum of
two days before the tournament date. Failure to provide this information may forfeit your event.

All tournament fees must be received by the golf course on the day of the tournament.

We highly recommend all players check in 45 minutes prior to the tournament start time. All
players must abide by the course rules laid out by the golf course.

Tournament Fees
Includes greens fee, cart, and tournament
$24 • E1 –  E4
$30 • Other Active Duty / DOD Civilian
$56 • Guest (MLC/IHA)
$17 • Junior

We look forward to assisting you with your tournament. Feel free to contact the golf course staff at 966-7321 (Banyan Tree Golf Course) or 966-7327 (Chibana Golf Course) if you have any questions.

Kadena Golf Complex Tee Time Policy and Guidelines
The following guidelines are provided to the 18th Force Support Squadron to carry out an equitable and reasonable policy for all of our patrons.

• All players with a reserved tee time at either course must report to the starter no later than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled tee time.
• If the golfer fails to check-in 15 minutes prior to their reserved tee time, that time will be given to a group on the waiting list. The group that missed their tee time will be put on the waiting list for the next available time.
• On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, all play for 18 holes will start from the 1st tee only with assigned tee-times.
For more information on tee time policies please click here.

No Show Policy
This policy is made to establish an orderly and equitable process for dealing with no show golfers. No-show groups are displacing the rights and privileges of those golfers who submit valid tee time requests and are not picked for a tee time.
• Personnel with weekend/holiday tee times are required to report the cancellation of their tee time via phone or in-person no later than 40 minutes prior to their assigned tee time.
• Any group or individual failing to do so will forfeit their privilege of submitting a tee time request in the following week’s drawing.
• Canceling is the combined responsibility of all members of the group.

Preference, Priority and Distinguished Visitor
• Banyan Tree Golf Course is the home course for all active duty Air Force and Army personnel and US
government employees assigned to Kadena AB and Torii Station, as well as Air Force and Army retirees and
families of the aforementioned. Taiyo Golf Course has been established as the home course for all active duty
personnel and US government employees not assigned to Kadena or Torii Station, as well as Navy and Marine
retirees and families of the aforementioned. As such, golfers receive first priority for weekend and holiday tee time
assignments at their home course.
• 18 WG/CC, 18 WG/CV and 18 WG/CCC have preferred tee times on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
(except when a scheduled event requires the use of those tee times)
• If these preferred tee times are needed for an event, holders of those tee times will be invited to participate in the event and slots will be reserved for them as required.
• Reservations for Distinguished Visitors should be routed through the 18th Wing Protocol office (634-1808).
• Outside of regular business hours the 18th Wing Protocol can be reached via the Wing Command Post (634-1800).

Local Nationals
MLC/IHA staff employed on Kadena Air Base, Japan Self-Defense Force and other approved foreign military personnel having business with Kadena Air Base and approved foreign embassy personnel are authorized to play at both the Banyan Tree and Chibana Golf Courses on a space available basis, and will be charged local national rates.

Tee-times for Local Nationals can be made in person or by calling the course Pro Shop up to 5 days prior to play on weekdays. Local Nationals are permitted to play on weekends and holidays at the Banyan Tree GC when playing in the same group with their sponsor.

Banyan Tree Golf Course is the home course for all active duty Air Force and Army personnel and US government employees assigned to Kadena AB and Torii Station, as well as Air Force and Army retirees and families of the aforementioned. Taiyo Golf Course has been established as the home course for all active duty personnel and US government employees not assigned to Kadena or Torii Station, as well as Navy and Marine retirees and families of the aforementioned. As such, golfers receive first priority for weekend and holiday tee time assignments at their home course.

Basic Policy
• All players must check in with the Pro Shop and Starter prior to play.
• Golfers with tee time reservations must check in with the Starter at least 15 minutes prior to their tee time.
• Individuals who fail to check in with the Starter may lose their tee time.
• Players must have a receipt with them at all times while on the golf course.
• Personal coolers and outside food or beverages are prohibited.
• Single riders in carts will be paired together by the Starter. Non-golfing riders must pay for their portion of the cart.
• Only 2 bags and 2 riders per cart.
• A valid driver’s license is required to operate golf carts. Each player on the course must have their own set of clubs.
• Children under the age of 6 are prohibited from being on the golf course for safety reasons.
• Children ages 6 -12 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older at all times.
• Please stay on the cart path on all par 3s, and around all tee boxes and greens.
• The 90-degree rule is in effect on fairways unless otherwise posted on a daily basis.
• Pace of play is to keep up with the group ahead of you. Please play ready golf.
• On weekends and holidays, please do not take more than four strokes per hole over par.

• For more information on tee time policies please click here.

Junior Golfers Policy
The following Junior Golf guidelines are made primarily with regard to the safety of our youth.
• Juniors ages 6 and under are prohibited from being on the golf course.
• Juniors ages 6 – 12 need to play with or be accompanied by their parents, or another sponsor age 18 years or older.
• Juniors ages 13 – 17  must have golf knowledge to play as an adult, or be escorted by a sponsor ages 18 years or older.
• Junior golfers may not operate golf carts without a valid driver’s license.

Dress Policies
Please advise the Kadena Golf Complex staff reserves the right to refuse service to any non-complying individuals.

Standard golf attire or civilian clothing of good taste is highly encouraged.
• Full or partial military uniform will not be accepted.
• Shirts must be worn at all times.
• Active duty males exposing piercings, or females exposing piercings other than in the ears will not be allowed.

The following apparel will not be permitted:
• Clothing with obscene, offensive, suggestive, or derogatory statements.
• Cut-off or other excessively worn, tattered, or soiled clothing.
• Clothing worn as undergarments including men’s undershirts, tank tops, or sleeveless shirts.
• Halter tops, spaghetti strap tops, net tops, or tops creating an immodest appearance or exposing midriff.
• Shorts of a length of less than 5″ above knee and more than 2″ below the knee.
• Athletic attire such as swimwear, sweats, spandex, or any other exercise apparel.

Only soft spiked golf shoes, smooth, rippled, or dimple soled footwear that will not damage the putting surface are approved for play. The following footwear will not be permitted:
• Large cleated shoes normally worn for soccer, football, or baseball.
• Hiking, military, or cowboy boots.
• All types of lounge wear shoes including flip-flops, rubber shower shoes, and beach shoes.

Guest Play Policy
Guest play at the Banyan Tree and Chibana Golf Courses is very beneficial to Okinawa military/community public relations, and a constant effort is made to make our guests feel welcome by treating them with the utmost respect and courtesy.

Honorary Membership Policy
This instruction allows selected individuals, as referenced in USFJI 34-202, Use of USFJ Golf Course by Japanese Citizens Not Covered Under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), to utilize the Banyan Tree Golf Course. Members and authorized guests admitted under the provisions of this section do not require SOFA status, but may access Banyan Tree Golf Course under the terms of this section.

Honorary Members. 18 WC/CC will develop, approve and maintain a list of Japanese citizens who shall be granted honorary membership. This list will include those honorary members designated by the Commander, United States Forces Japan and be maintained by the Public Affairs Office.

POC for this policy is Mr. Phil Denham, Director of Golf.

Course Instruction
We provide our guests with the most up-to-date training equipment available as well as highly trained PGA professional instructors. The V1 Coaching System and FlightScope are some of the most technologically advanced tools in the golf training industry.

The FlightScope is state of the art measuring technology for projectiles in flight. Using a 3D Doppler tracking radar, the FlightScope is in a separate class from launch only monitors. It can track speeds accurately and measure distance within a few yards. Using ball speed, position and direction continuously along the ball’s flight path, our FlightScope analysis allows us to see what the ball is actually doing instead of estimating what it does. This allows us to analyze the player’s swing and fit them to the clubs that will work best for them. Call the Chibana Golf Course to schedule your appointment today.

PGA Professional Instruction

Individual Lessons
Individual lessons are available Tuesday through Saturday for adults and juniors (ages 18 & under). Individual lessons run in 30 or 60 minute increments. Lesson packages are also available.
$30  • Adult Individual Lesson (30 Min)
$60 • Adult Individual Lesson (60 Min)
$25 • Junior Individual Lesson (30 Min)
$120 • Adult Individual Series (5 Lessons, 30 Min)
$95 • Junior Individual Series (5 Lessons, 30 Min)

Group Lessons
Groups of up to six people can be accommodated.
30 minute lesson
One hour lesson
Five lesson package
$30 • Group Series (maximum 5 People, price per person)

Junior Clinics
Junior clinics are offered every summer with registration beginning in April and continuing through August. Detailed information concerning the Junior Clinics is available in the Banyan Tree Golf Club Pro Shop. No registration is needed and free loaner equipment is available.

Squid Mitchell
PGA Professional with over 16 years of teaching experience.
Email •
Phone • 080-3180-6181