Okuma Beach
Kadena DSN • 631-1990
Reservations • 8 am – 5 pm
Reservation Desk • 631-1991 or 631-1992
Mobile • 098-962-1991 / 098-962-1992

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Key Facilities
Coral Reef Inn Front Desk • 631-1990 / 098-962-1990
Surfside Restaurant • 631-1805 / 098-962-1805
Group Sales & Catering • 631-1806
Outdoor Recreation Equipment Rental • 631-1815
Law Enforcement Office • 632-3109 / 090-9780-2793
Main Gate • 632-3149

For Emergency dial 911
Connects to Kadena Air Base Office / Fire Department
Mobile • 098-934-5911
Kadena Air Base Operator Switch Board • 098-938-1111
Kinser, Futenma, Foster, Torii Station • 098-911-5111
Courtney, Hansen, Schwab, White Beach • 098-911-5112


Surrounded by beautiful views of the East China Sea, Okuma Beach has everything you need and more to get away and relax. Whether you are looking to camp and enjoy the great outdoors or enjoy a much-needed break, Okuma is the place for fun in the sun with a wide array of land and water recreation. You will find areas to play tennis, basketball, kayak, snorkel and golf. From bike riding along the picturesque East China Sea to taking a glass bottom boat tour and seeing the exotic fish below, there is never a dull moment at Okuma Beach!

If you are a food connoisseur you already know that Okinawa is home to an excellent selection of local and international cuisines. Take advantage of the delectable local and international dishes served at Okuma’s Surfside Restaurant. After dinner be sure to head over to the Waverunner Lounge to dance the night away while enjoying tropical drinks and live entertainment.

If your stay is more for business or group purposes, we can help you plan. Our group booking specials and event center have all the services you need to make your stay just right.

*Pets, glass containers of any type, spear guns, fireworks and privately own watercrafts are NOT allowed at Okuma Beach. Failure to comply may result in occupants being asked to leave as well as a room cleaning fee.

Okuma Beach

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